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Your short-cut to product serialization, aggregation and Track [&] Trace.

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It all starts here:

Printing & Verification
of unique, serialzed product-codes: The foundation of everything... and Track & Trace.


"Simply" creating an electronic packing hierarchy by linking zillions of unique codes, at full production-speeds, without a single miss.

Track & Trace

Track & Trace
(forward & backwards)
physical & commercial transactions of any product.

To keep track, it takes a
central repository.


Give yourself a read:
Check out how closely Pharma & Tobacco are related in terms of Track & Trace
EU-TPD for Tobacco
EU-FMD for Pharma

Mission & Vision

Singapore-based Pharmalutions is a regional Distributor and System-integrator for Serialization, Aggregation and Track & Trace technologies.
Pharma & Tobacco is our home ground and while both industries seem incompatible to most, they have indeed so much in common that
they are our strategic imperative. For two decades we have been dedicating ourselfes to both - retaining due respects to their specific characteristics.
Our strategy. That simple.

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